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As a long-time nursing care service provider in Japan, we offer a consulting service based on our extensive practical experience and expertise in running nursing facilities in China that also caters to the needs of different business operations.

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Market Research

Provides a supportive service for the selection of potential sites for nursing care facilities. (Estimates the transition of the elderly population and the number of caregivers required.)

Requirement Proposal

Provides consultation on the necessary functions of a nursing care facility, such as capability, number of rooms and type of rooms, based on market research.

Advice on Basic Plan

Offers operational advice on the basic plan of the nursing care facility, which should be designed by a qualified architecture firm and incorporates the aforementioned requirements.

Advice on Plan Execution

Offers operational advice on plan execution based on the suggestions provided at the basic planning stage.

Recruitment and Training

Oversees the recruitment and training process of staff from the top and middle management to general employees.

Management and Operation

Provides a support service for managing tenants, staff and the entire organization once the facility is in operation.

Contracted Management

Provides a day-to-day management service on a fixed-term basis.

Support for Marketing Strategy

Devises a strategy for attracting new tenants and responding to new demands based on market research.

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