company organization


July 1980 Founded RIEI Sansho Co., Ltd.
Febrary 1988 Introduced CI, and changed company name to RIEI Co., Ltd.
November 1990 Relocated head office to Urayasu City
May 1995 Increased capitalization to 66 million yen
September 1997 Established Osaka Branch
October 1999 Launched a nursing care service as “Communicare24”
November 1999 Established Nagoya Branch
March 2000 Increased capitalization to 90 million yen
July 2002 Increased capitalization to 103.5 million yen
July 2003 Established Thai branch
November 2004 Signed up “Co-operation Agreement” with Thai Traditional Medicine Development Foundation for promotion of Thai Traditional Foot Massage throughout Japan
November 2006 Established FLAG CO., LTD
January 2008 Established Sapporo Sales Office
January 2010 Established Fukuoka Sales Office
May 2011 Established Riei (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in China
September 2011 Established Thai Riei Co., Ltd. in Thailand
(now Thai Riei & Elderly Care Co., Ltd.)
August 2012 Established Riei (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China
July 2013 Acquired(100%) ownership of JC Service, Inc.
March 2014 Launched a consulting service for elderly care business in China
May 2016 Paid-in capital is 143,812,500 yen through the allocation of new shares to a third party
August 2016 Established the Chinese affiliate in Chengdu to practice dentistry
Setember 2016 Established Myanmar Riei Co., Ltd. in Myanmar
November 2016 Established Riei (Nantong) Co., Ltd. in China
November 2018 Stock acquisition of Mamoka-ru, Co., Ltd. (as an equity method affiliate)
March 2019 Established Guangzhou Hengze Riei Pension Service Co., Ltd. in China
January 2020 Acquired(100%) ownership of Mamoka-ru, Co., Ltd.
July 2020 Closed Thai Riei & Elderly Care Co., Ltd.
March 2021 Established Okayama Sales Office
June 2021 Transferred shares of Riei (Nantong) Co., Ltd., the joint venture in China
July 2021 Decreaced capitalization to 100 million yen
July 2021 Acquired an apartment in Honolulu city, Hawaii, USA, and started real estate leasing business

(As of July 2021)