RIEI Co., Ltd. and its group companies (collectively, “we”) adhere to the corporate philosophy that calls on the group to “serve society with the business theme of Life Service Linking Person to Person” in promoting corporate activities in an ethical manner with a full grasp of our responsibility as corporate citizens.
By continuing to build trust with all stakeholders, we will strive to ensure the soundness and transparency of management, improve corporate value and remain a group that warrants the trust of society at large. In this direction, we will endeavor to constantly strengthen corporate governance by positioning it as one of the most important management issues in accordance with the following basic concept.

(i) We respect shareholders’ rights and ensure their equality.

(ii) We will consider the interests of stakeholders and cooperate with them in an appropriate manner.

(iii) We will properly disclose corporate information and ensure transparency.


RIEI strives to contribute to our society and community one step
at a time as a corporate citizen.

Our staff has continued to take part in disaster relief activities advocated through in-house publications as a local company, as well as participating in charity events and other community services.


2018 Became a sponsor for Briobecca Urayasu soccer team, as one aspect of our activities to support sports in our local area.
May 2016 Joining COOL CHOICE
Joined COOL CHOICE after ending our participation in Team Minus 6% and Challenge 25.
March 2016 “Communicare24” joined Urayasu’s “110 Shop for Urgent Crime Prevention.”
Contributed to the creation of a safe community through participation in this crime prevention program.
May 2012 Received a letter of appreciation at an awards ceremony from the city of Urayasu for a donation made last autumn toward reconstruction projects.
May 2012 Participation in Challenge 25
Ended our involvement in Team Minus 6%, which had commenced in November 2009, and joined Challenge 25 in May 2012.
September 2011 Held a live charity concert for the revival of Urayasu. All ticket sales and donations on the day, totaling 2,791,261 yen, went toward a reconstruction fund for the city of Urayasu.
March 2011 Organized an in-house fund-raiser for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The money collected was donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
January 2010 Joined SoftDrive: Driving Under Speed Limit Team as part of the community service program.
November 2009 Participated in FOOD ACTION NIPPON.
November 2009 Joined Team Minus 6%.
March 2009 Donation to the Red Sunset Nursing Home in China
In-house fund-raiser organized. Donation sent.
April 2008 Donation to a charity cooperation fund
December 28th 2007
Held RIEI’s Evening of Gratitude & Yukio Hashi Charity Dinner Show. All proceeds went to the Urayasu city council for environmental conservation purposes.
July 2007 Support for environmental events
Sponsored ZEROCKI’N’07, an educational event for learning about the environment in Urayasu and around the world.
January 2007 Donation following the typhoon in the Philippines
Our staff not only visited the disaster zone but also organized an in-house fund-raiser and donated goods to victims who had suffered as a result of the from No.21 typhoon, which caused tremendous damage to the Philippines in December 2006.
January 2005 Donation following the Sumatra earthquake in Indonesia
In-house fund-raiser organized. Donation sent through the Embassy of Thailand.
November 2004 Donation following the Chuetsu earthquake in Niigata prefecture
All proceeds from an in-house fund-raiser, as well as a separate donation of 1 million yen, were sent directly to the local government of the affected area.
December 2000 Donation to a charity cooperation fund
Held RIEI’s Evening of Gratitude and Charity Event/Yukari Ito Dinner Show.
All proceeds went to the purchase of 150 videos of Japanese classic movies from 1950-1960, which were then donated to the city of Urayasu.
Donated a welfare vehicle to the city of Ichikawa.
February 1995 Donation following the Great Hanshin Earthquake
In-house fundraiser organized. The donation was sent through the Asahi Shimbun Social Welfare Organization.